Welcome! The New England InterClub Council is an association of figure skating clubs who individually belong to U.S. Figure Skating headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The purposes and objectives of the Council are:
* to improve, encourage and advance figure skating in all its branches
* to provide a forum for the exchange of information among its member clubs
* to provide a means for cooperative activities such as competitions, judges and accountant schools, club education seminars and the publishing and dissemination of information.

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Webmaster Note: Updates to the NEICC website rely on member clubs sharing information they would like in the public domain.  Whether it's a club activity, a show, test session, fund raiser or significant local club event, the NEICC website is willing to help promote it!! 

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Coronavirus Infomration: LINK TO US FIGURE SKATING

Stay safe in this challenging time. Wash hands, practice social distancing, and we will all be back in the ice rink and ready for competitions, shows, tests and being back with all our skating friends.


High School Challenge Cup schedule and skater list posted. Visit the High School page to view

New for 2020, The Inman Cup. Visit the calendar for May for more infomration

Job listing for Colonial FSC Visit the coaches page

2020 Qaulifying Events in New England

New England Regional Singles Challenge - Results

Eastern Sectional Singles Final & U.S. Dance Final - Singles Results - Dance Results


NEICC announces the recipient of the Aldo Constantino award >>>

This years National Qualifying Series competitions will be starting soon. Many summer competitions are part of this series and require applicants to enter these evens through US Figure Skating's online portal using EMS.

Be sure that you are looking at each clubs' website and following through on US Figure Skating online to enter.

Important US Figure Skating Webpages
National Qualifying Series US Figure Skating online

Do you have somehting to share with the NEICC? Visit updates page to submit your infomation.

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